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Projekt „Art du Déplacement“ (AT)

A longterm artistic research project, combining Parkour, Movement, Dance and Theatre, dealing with topics connected to Parkour culture. So public space is something we gonna think about, for a start.

One thing I’m very interested in out of my own practice and experience is FLINTA* in public spaces. As I am a Parkour coach for an adult FLINTA* class outdoors in the middle of Berlin, I cannot fail to notice that there is a difference of us doing Parkour as a group in public space, compared to a mixed or cis-male group. There is also a difference in attitude and experiencing of Parkour practicioners of different genders when moving/training in public space. I have had many interesting and nice dicussions about this the last months, be it at the International Gathering in Gerlev or the Berlin Urban Gathering, which I had the pleasure to co-organize with a bunch of nice people. 😉

I see many people in the Parkour community think and talk and learn about marginalized groups, and different perspectives on Parkour, and I see a lot of openess for these topis. So I would love to further this dicussion, think together, research. Not only with people from the Parkour and Movement community, I would also like to bring in one or two of my other professions, and find an artistic language, a combination of theatre, dance and movement, to talk about this.

I invite everyone, who is interested either in Parkour and Movement, and/or in theatre, dance, or writing, to join this interactive project.

I’m planning to do a bunch of activities, formats, interactions and workshops under this umbrella of Projekt „Art du Déplacement“. In the end, I would like to put it to an abstract form, a movement research, to combine Parkour, Movement, Dance and Theatre to find a language to speak about this. This is probabely a second step.

I’m happy to exchange with anyone who is interested in this kind of project. I’m happy to go to different paths, combine different (movement) knowledges, and put everything back together in the end. I invite everyone to come together and shape this project together.